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23 Jul 2021, 10:24
CDC revised its historic data set today, that's why the data today jumped with +217,560 new cases (from 34,030,494 yesterday to 34,248,054 today). Another source with the same data:

1 Jun 2021, 09:03
In observance of Memorial Day, CDC did not update its COVID Data Tracker on Monday, May 31st.

22 May 2021, 11:14
The American CDC has not updated the number of cases and deaths today due to "data server issues". Source: BNONews and Newsnodes did not have any issues; our tracking can be found here

28 Apr 2021, 09:27
The American CDC is currently not reporting new testing totals. We will continue to monitor when CDC resumes reporting on recent number of 'total tests reported'.

4 Apr 2021, 10:22
USA today reports a high 1-day increase in deaths due to a revision of COVID-deaths data in Oklahoma.

12 Mar 2021, 10:44
We have completed migrating US data from CDC database. In order to show an accurate picture of COVID-19 outbreak in USA over time, we are showing data (Cases and Deaths) from COVID-tracking project until April 25th 2020, and after that it's CDC-data on display here.

9 Mar 2021, 15:53 has come to an end, so we will migrate to United States' CDC data from now on!

6 Nov 2020, 13:46
Thank you for helping! All data is fixed for USA!

6 Nov 2020, 06:33
I don't know why it won't let me edit the 5th Nov data, and accidentally the 6th Nov data got please correct the mistake

29 Oct 2020, 08:33
We have updated all historic data for the USA once more, so now it's in line again with the updated historic data of

24 Oct 2020, 01:07
Based on the COVID-tracking data, the United States has just reported its highest 1-day increase ever! (+83010) The positivity rate is however still far from the highest levels.

18 Sep 2020, 22:11
Today testing data has been revised by the US Covid Tracking Project. We have updated our historic testing numbers for USA once again to be in accordance with

16 Sep 2020, 10:48
Much of the data on cases, deaths and tests has been revised by The US Covid Tracking Project. We have again updated the historic data for USA to be in line with

3 Sep 2020, 22:03
All data for the United States since early March has once again been revised to be in line with

26 Jun 2020, 00:13
Today is a big jump in deaths in the US data as provided by This is caused by a backlog of around 1800 New Jersey deaths. Source:

21 Jun 2020, 14:12
We have updated historical reports for the United States back to 1 March, as has been updating revised data for US states as well.

15 May 2020, 20:28
To get more steady, stable and synchronized data, we have decided to change reporting for the USA from WHO/CDC-based to the data provided by Based on this test data and test chart is now available.

10 May 2020, 23:35
Note, today the United States CDC and WHO readjusted the count. The explanation in todays Situation Report: "Due to a change in reporting system to align with figures published by the US CDC, counts for the United States of America were adjusted to 1 245 775 cases (-99 new cases) and 75 364 deaths (5475 new deaths)."
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Latest update: 24 September, 0:28 CET
*) The daily average increase is the average number of new cases/deaths/tests reported in the last 7 days.


The Delta (B.1.617.2)-variant* (92%) was the dominant COVID-19 strain in United States over the last 4 weeks.
The chart below shows how often a coronavirus variant was detected among sequenced cases over time. The data is meant to give a indication of general trends.

Source: GISAID

For more information about COVID-variants, visit our COVID variant monitor.


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Please note: The current page shows the coronavirus cases, deaths and tests based on the CDC reports by the US federal government. For the more detailed tracking on a state level by and, please visit our special reporting on US States, including maps, trends per state and hospitalization and ICU data.

Please note: the regional charts comparing United States with neighbouring countries in Northern America have been moved to the region page of Northern America.


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