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10 Jun 2021, 19:49
Today Spain reports an increase of ~14,000 new cases of which 9,381 cases are part of a backlog, reported by Catalunya. These cases were diagnosed between January 1 and June 6, but had not yet been notified. Source: (p. 1, footnote 2)

2 Mar 2021, 20:17
Spain has today reduced the number of total cases by ~80,000. The reason for this is: "The Community of Catalonia has eliminated duplicate cases. These duplicates were generated by updating the information of cases already registered in the SiViEs computer system with a code of different identification than originally assigned. The data series have been corrected." Source:

4 Jan 2021, 19:55
Spain reaches the highest positivity rate (9.5%) and the highest 7-day increase in cases (+16300), since mid November.

23 Nov 2020, 21:05
The Spanish positivity rate has moved below 10%, based on the test numbers from the weekly test report:

4 Nov 2020, 19:44
Spain: big jump due to a recalculation today

12 Oct 2020, 20:16
As Spain reports COVID-19 testing data only once a week, we have added the weekly testing datapoints for Spain to our chart!

29 Aug 2020, 20:10
Spain confirms 5,529 new cases. Six autonomous communities did not communicate their data this weekend.

6 Jul 2020, 17:43
Spanish ministry of Health today released the full revised dataset of deaths per day:

4 Jul 2020, 17:18
Spain has joined the group of Northwestern European countries not giving weekend updates anymore. Statement on website reads: "Given the epidemiological evolution in our country, the next publication of data will take place on Monday. During the weekend, all alert systems of the Public Health services of the Autonomous Communities will continue to be active to maintain surveillance and control throughout the Spanish territory."

22 Jun 2020, 20:42
Finally: we have found some of the historic data of revised deaths numbers in Spain. These revised numbers for the period June 5 - June 19 have now been added!

16 Jun 2020, 17:40
Just to confirm once again: there's still no update on death numbers by Spain and they still write every day in their report that they are fixing the numbers.

28 May 2020, 19:46
We continue to check when revised historic data comes available for Spain.. Unfortunately there have been no updates in the official dataset since May 21 on

25 May 2020, 17:51
Once again a major recalculation by Spain, substracting hundreds of cases and hundreds of deaths from the current totals.. As soon as historic data will be revised we will be able to fix the charts again!

26 Apr 2020, 23:57
The Spanish data is now backtracked to only include PCR-tested cases. Our source for this calculation exercise is the official spanish health agency (Instituto de Salud Carlos III):

26 Apr 2020, 14:34
Today Spain has also stopped reporting the cases based on antibody tests. Now there's no way to have a steady number using one method. We will try to reconstruct the numbers for Spain historically, to show the PCR-tested only.

25 Apr 2020, 13:58
Today Spain has changed their primary reporting method on cases.. Until now they published confirmed cases on both PCR tests and antibody tests. From now on they only report PCR tests. In order to have consistent numbers, we manually sum the number of PCR positive persons and the number of antibody positive persons. Today that's 205905 + 17854 = 223759 cases.

21 Apr 2020, 13:24
For the record: Spain has started listing cases who are deemed 'COVID19-positive' based on antibody-testing, including a breakdown to patients who are positive based on antibody testing, but did not have symptoms when diagnosed. As Spain does not report this last group to WHO, we will won't include the non-symptomatic patients either in our total numbers.
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