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 Tracking the Omicron Variant together

 Date: December 10th, 2021

Since November 25th, BNO News and Newsnodes.com have been working together to track confirmed and probable cases of the Omicron variant (B.1.1.529). We are now happy to announce we have partnered up with Global.health and HealthMap and are being supported by the Pandemic Prevention Institute. This partnership enables us to continue our coverage for the Omicron tracker.

You can find the latest Omicron data by visiting our Omicron Variant tracker or by visiting the Omicron map at https://omicron.healthmap.org

 New: create custom COVID-19 charts

 Date: September 20th, 2021

Starting today, it is possible to create customized COVID-19 charts on our website. All you need to do is first select the type of data you want to show and whether the data should be relative to population size. It is also possible to set a custom date range. Try it yourself on our COVID-19 Custom Charts page.

example of a custom COVID-19 chart

 Per capita lists available for countries and US States

 Date: August 19th, 2021

On popular request, we have added lists of per capita data to our website. For countries, these list can be found on our COVID-19 World Monitor and our COVID-19 World Monitor Maps.

For US states and territories information on new cases per capita, new deaths per capita and currently hospitalized per capita are listed on our USA COVID-19 monitor.

example view of the current list with per capita data

 New: COVID Variant Monitor

 Date: July 29th, 2021

After releasing some pie charts on COVID-19 variants last week, today we have added a new page to our website: the COVID-19 Variant Monitor. On this page you will be able to get a impression of where the most known COVID-19 variants are currently circulating.

On every country page, we have also replaced the 'pie charts' with new 'area charts': these area charts show the prevalence of COVID variants over time. Please note: these charts will only appear on a country page, when a country has sequenced sufficient cases in recent weeks.

e.g. COVID-19 variant situation on July 1st, 2021

 New COVID Data Hub released

 Date: July 14th, 2021

Today we have released the COVID-19 Live Data Hub. On this page you will be able to compare the COVID-19 data (cases and deaths) as currently reported by Newsnodes, World Health Organization and John Hopkins University (JHU). We hope our COVID-19 Live Data Hub will enable news agencies and reporters to verify whether the data they are using is actually reliable.

To further improve our COVID-19 data transparency, BNO News and Newsnodes have decided to make all COVID-19 data for US States (cases, deaths, tests, hospitalized and ICU) available to all of our website visitors.

example COVID-19 Data Hub view for Turkey



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